This blog is changing.

I’ve cultivated a few readers here on WP whom I’m grateful to, and the incredible, indelible Burnt Pine Magazine seems to continue directing traffic here, but I haven’t been writing. Truth be told, I am exhausted, rife with continued medical issues and complications by and large not endometriosis related. Sickness, trauma, and my struggle with (self-)love seem to be catching up with me. To really live, I must be more resilient than ever; that’s what I plan to be. Please be patient as this blog undergoes its transformation.

Be safe. You are loved.

“A Woman Now” By Veronica V. Hough — Burnt Pine

That July left a stain on her underwear—then-criminal, locking her wide, tearful eyes with its face, red with anger. She screamed with wounds, clawing the body that betrayed her, an attempt to claw out the bodies that broke into her eight years ago in a thicket sick with darkness. Honey, you’re a woman now (when […]

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