It’s that time of year again.

So, everyone, it’s November. The eleventh month of the year. I normally start working on my Wellness Binder by October, but I’m a little late this year. 2017 has been busy and hectic and surprising. It’s been by far the most spontaneous and vibrant year of my life so far. So much pain and happiness all rolled up into 309 incredible up-and-down days. It’s been both miserable and truly a joy and really what life is and honestly should be. We can’t fully appreciate peace without knowing the violence.

You might think it’s too early to start reflecting. But I put in a lot of time and effort into these binders, and they serve me well for a good portion of the year. They serve me well for as long as I serve them; and it’s certainly true I started slacking a lot towards April/May, which is when the depression came back in full swing. That is something I have to remember for this upcoming year. The tools are only good for as long as you use them. There were a lot of things in these binders that I didn’t use to the fullest extent, even in the beginning. I have emotional check-in worksheets, DBT-like acronym sheets, little coping skill guides, etc, all of my own design, that could’ve helped me substantially throughout the year. More than half of healing is committing, but how do you commit when the motivation isn’t entirely there? The seemingly unsolvable conundrum of the mental illness pit. I start early because I need to gear myself up. I start early because I have to make sure New Year’s means something to me. I can’t let it approach too fast, or I lose my chance at valuable energy.

So what worked this year? I committed to logs more solidly this year than I did last year, and that served me well. The records helped me keep a good track of where I was this year and where I lost myself and what had happened; so, if nothing else, that in itself was very helpful. I did work on my impulsivity and have curbed some of that. I worked on my communication skills, relationships, etc. I’ve grown a lot as a person. The positive changes aren’t so much “trackable,” but they are noticeable. I did start out reading a lot. I started out this year really well. I need to start out 2018 doubly well and keep going hard.

November will be filled with goal setting and planning. I will upload my sheets to a Google Drive folder and share the contents with all of you so you get a chance to maybe gather inspiration for your own binders as well if you so choose to do it too.

I’m kind of vague about these things, only because there is so much to them. You can see sneak peaks here. I’ll be talking about these binders a lot this month and sharing my progress with the new one and corrections to the old ones in this blog.

This is a bit of a short entry, but I’ve got quite a lot to do in the upcoming days. I will keep everyone posted!

Love and warmth to all of you.





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